energy protection meditation - Clearing negativity with spirit

No matter where we are in life, it will change, and that's a promise.

In this meditation, you will go on an inner journey. You will connect to your higher self and then to the 5th dimension. Link to meditation

From there you will connect with your highest guides and helpers. Your entourage or team in spirit will transmit loving energies towards you and from this standpoint you will hold the space and energy within your auric field.

Day to day we may experience negativity and have a high sensitivity to such energies, feelings and emotions. From the comfortable position of the loving light of the spirit, you will transmit this energy via your intention to areas of your life including relationships, the town you live in or the work place. Or anywhere else that energy protection and clearing are required. Restoring you with positivity, all for the highest good of you and every one else involved.